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Cav Tool has been characterized by its belief that it is important to be a specialist in a selected field.

With this understanding, we believe that because today's molds are more complex and sophisticated, our specialized knowledge enables us to utilize yesterday's experience today, thus assuring greater benefits to our customers.

A second concept is our reliance on engineering and planning as the keys to economy and reliability. Because each customer request is reviewed by Cav Tool's skilled engineering/manufacturing team, the customer is assured of the most efficient tool at minimum cost.

Design and manufacturing engineers, and skilled tool and die makers complement the latest in computer-controlled precision machinery, making Cav Tool one of the leading high-quality mold builders in the nation.

Cav Tool specializes in Ball Lack Retainers, Die Details, Ball Lock Punches, Surfacing Grinding, Jig Grinding and CNC Machining. Cav Tool has been in business since 1990 with over 25 years experience in the punch industry. We would be interested in quoting any work you require.

Having recently moved to a new 11,000 square foot facility, we have 12 employees and the following machines.

2 Bridgeport Mills
5 Bridgeport Mills with NC
2 Cincinatti Drill Presses
2 Okmoto 12x34 Wet Grinders
3 Parker Surface Grinders
3 Moore #3 Jig Grinders
1 Hass CNC Mill 20x42 Table VF3
2 Hass CNC Mill 20x42 Table VF2
1 Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine

Quality control isĀ  a key factor in competing a job here at Cav Tool. Each part we manufacture goes through a 100% inspection before shipping.

For process and estimating, please contact Tom Gagnon.



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