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4 Tips To Reduce Custom Cutting Tool Costs

The demand for custom cutting tools has been increasing every year as more manufacturers realize the importance of having custom tools at hand. However, the manufacturing process of custom cutting tools can be tricky, and because of that, costs can rise quickly. This can be a real deal-breaker for business owners trying to get custom tools for their machines.

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To help you minimize your custom cutting tool costs, we have created a list of four cost reduction tips.

1. Use The Right Material

Issue: the choice of material has a significant impact on the price of a part. For instance, if the raw titanium price is $ 4.80 / kg and the cost of standard raw carbon steel is $ 0.77 / kg. So, choosing the wrong material can make a difference in the price of a part.

Solution: When selecting the material for manufacturing a tool, it is essential to ask the right questions. Indeed, it is necessary to analyze the requirements of the part: weight, rigidity, magnetism, resistance to corrosion, hardness, etc. To determine these requirements, designers and engineers must analyze the conditions of use and the environment in which the part will be used.

2. Choose The Right Surface Finish

Issue: The surface finish of a part can be rough, smooth, raw, painted, anodized, chrome, etc. It is, therefore, crucial to choose the type of finish required for the tool being manufactured.

Solution: Remove excessively smooth surface finishes if they are not required for the tool’s functionality or appearance. If painting is needed, it is essential to determine what type of coverage to choose. For example, powder paint is more expensive than liquid paint, but it has superior durability characteristics.

3. Separate Each Part Into Several Parts

Issue: A complex part can require many machining operations to accomplish all of its shapes and requirements.

Solution: Consider the option of separating a complex part into two or smaller, less complicated parts. They can then be assembled using screws or welding. Thus, the machining and assembly time of separate parts is less than the machining time of a fundamental tool.

4. If Possible, Order In Large Quantities.

Issue: Before starting the production, a supplier must go through a series of mandatory steps. These fixed costs do not vary according to the number of parts requested.

Solution: These fixed costs are spread over the total number of tools manufactured. So, if only one tool is produced, all fixed costs will be included in the price. On the other hand, the more the quantity increases, the more the portion of the fixed costs per part decreases.

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