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5 Tips On Cutting With A CNC Machine

Production and manufacturing have considerably evolved over the years. Everything from production strategies and practices to machines has changed.

Things have gotten much more specialized, streamlined, and efficient. One such development in the manufacturing industry is automation. A lot of the work no longer requires to be done by hand. You do not need a factory full of workers to operate machinery; all of that can be done through computers. This is where CNC comes in.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines use computer systems and software programs to operate machinery and carry out complex processes. A CNC cutting machine or burn table uses CNC processes to cut and engrave different materials like wood, steel, and aluminum.

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Many people who previously did most of the work by hand aren’t that proficient in cutting with CNC. So below are a few tips to help them perform this task effectively.

Select The Perfect Cutting Tool

Using the right tools is very important to maximize efficiency and finesse. If you want to engrave an intricate pattern, you need small cutting tools to achieve a precise and clear result. To engrave larger text patterns, use cutting tools that have wider angles. And if you are carving hard materials, then use tools with the largest tip and cutting angle.

Pay Heed To Your Spindle Speed

Use small shank tools with low-power spindle motors for optimal results, make sure the cutting speed isn’t set too fast, or minimize resistance in high-speed milling. For increased speed, use high-power motors with large shank diameter engraving tools.

Use The Tool With The Appropriate Length

For carving knives, the recommended blade length should be 2-3mm more than the measured thickness of the processing sheet. When the motor speed is between 18000 and 24000 RPM, or you are cutting acrylic, use a shorter blade length.

Save Your Tools From Breaking

If you have high-quality tools that, for some reason, are frequently breaking, then your carving settings are the issue, like the plate material hardness, fixture issues, and motor and rail precision.

Consider Using An Engraving Attachment

Consider using the optional engraving attachment with CNC Jr, Supra, or Baron. The 3D machining capabilities with the attachment will give you more creative opportunities.

Using a CNC machine for cutting will make your work neater and save you both money and time. So follow the tips and get a better grip on CNC.

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