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How Dies Are Used And What Types Of Dies Are Available For The Manufacturing Industry?

Dies are one of the essential types of manufacturing equipment used in various industries. They provide precision and accuracy to the manufacturing process by allowing you to cut, shape, or form parts for a wide variety of products.

This blog post will highlight how dies work and the available types for use in the manufacturing industry.

Difference Between Dies and Molds

Dies are used extensively in the manufacturing industry to make parts out of metals or plastics, depending on what material you use. There is a difference between dies and molds, although they both have similarities on some levels.

  • Mold – A mold allows shaping something from liquid form into solid, e.g., rubber. Molds are usually made from metals, and the metal is cast using sand or clay to contain the shape of either plastic, rubber, or metal, which can be used in manufacturing goods like toys and tools.
  • Dies – A die receives an impression (or makes an impression) onto something else. They are mainly made of steel, which is also used to stamp out metal components using dies on a press machine.

Types of Dies

There are different types available depending upon what kind of manufacturing you require and materials that will be involved in the process, including:

Simple Dies

A simple die allows for the production of one part at a time. This method typically involves taking an object and forming it into another shape or cutting away elements to create the desired product.

Compound Dies

A compound die is a combination of multiple types of dies. Compound Dies are very useful for manufacturing parts that require more than just simple shapes, but instead have complex geometries with several different features at the same time, including:

  • Screw Threads
  • Holes
  • Slots and more

Compound Dies are often used to manufacture parts with multiple features on a single piece without needing separate dies for each feature. These parts require several steps but can be reduced with compound dies, giving you a better end product in an efficient way.

Progressive Dies

Progressive dies can be used in the manufacturing industry for many parts, and they are beneficial, especially when you have a lot of pieces to make. A progressive die consists of several different types of dies that work together to create your part, with each type having its specific function such as:

  • shaping material into a specific form
  • cutting material to a certain length
  • threading/creating threads on your part for screws and bolts, etc.

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