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How Many Industries Can You Enter With A Die Cutting Setup?

A die-cutting machine is a highly versatile tool, allowing you to work with a wide variety of materials. What’s more, all these industries can benefit from a die-cutting setup. Cav Tool gives you an overview of different industry sectors, particularly the SMEs, that can benefit from a die-cutting setup.

Engraving & Decoration

One of the most common uses for a die-cutting machine is engraving and decoration. For this application, several companies have found that using blank wooden plaques as a substrate allows them to offer customers quality products at affordable prices. Furthermore, one could have their company logo or even simple words engraved on the face of the product, which would be visible after it has been assembled into furniture or cabinets.


Upholstery is made easy by adding a wood veneer to the equation. Using a die-cutting machine can easily cut out patterns that would often be difficult to make by hand. Furthermore, this allows upholsterers to produce resources for their customers at a much swifter pace without sacrificing quality or detail.


As mentioned before, the main benefit of a die-cutting machine is its ability to cut out veneers from wood sheets easily. Thus, if you craft cabinets from scratch, it would be ideal for you to use a custom-made template to ensure that all of their pieces fit together perfectly and look elegant.

Musical Instruments

Musical instrument makers have been using die-cutting machines for decades. These machines work very similarly to a guillotine—only smaller and less hefty. When building instruments from scratch, it would be vital for them to acquire templates used before to ensure their products were of the highest quality possible.

Furthermore, these templates will come equipped with grooves and holes where string sections need to be placed and strung to build an instrument. This ensures an easy and time-effective workflow when crafting musical instruments using custom-made woodwork templates using a die-cutting machine.


A considerable amount of time is required to create a truly unique and custom sculpture. From creating a design on paper to sculpting it out of clay or wax, there is no easy way around this process. Many artisans have taken their initial drawings and made them into steel molds that allow them to easily cast pieces of metal into their desired shapes without too much labor involved. This can be done using die-cutting machines, making it one of the essential tools for any artist who wants his final product to look like his original vision.

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