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How Technology Has Impacted The Tool & Manufacturing Industry Over The Years

The manufacturing industry has dramatically evolved over the past 100 years. There have been innumerable advancements in the field – production methods, tools, techniques, raw materials, and everything in between has changed, all thanks to technology. Manufacturing is just one more industry that now is in some way or another dependent on technology.

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There are uncountable ways technology has affected manufacturing, whether it is through automating the production process or storing important business documents on the cloud, business operations have changed due to technology, and this is how:

Industry 4.0

It is a widespread belief amongst the experts’ community that we are currently in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. New technologies like photonics and nanotechnology are replacing old technologies. New sectors are popping up, and the future looks ever so bright for manufacturing than it did a few years ago.

Mass production has revolutionized due to complex machinery and automated systems, which has increased output and cut down manufacturing costs. As a result, electronic gadgets are now cheaper than ever, contributing to bringing down manufacturing costs.

On top of that, small-time manufacturers can now compete in the big league thanks to the rise of digital technology, resulting in a change in the global marketplace. Small companies can connect with customers from around the world and work remotely and order from micro-factories.


Adding industrial robots to production lines has contributed significantly to the resurgence of manufacturing and the country’s GDP.

Previously, factories used to rely on humans to assemble complex parts, which made output slow, laborious, and prone to human errors, which affected quality consistency.

However, when robots were initially introduced to production, the idea of automation was met with a lot of opposition, mainly because it was considered a threat to workers’ jobs. And while the concerns proved right to a certain extent, their impact did not turn out to be anywhere as destructive as people predicted.

Robots perform complex engineering and production task with much greater precision, ease, and swiftness than humans. Robots do not need breaks or time off; they do not have to be paid regular salaries and cannot become unionized. All of these are major advantages for manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, technology reduces risk and liability in projects where safety is a problem by monitoring, conducting, and containing all high-risk procedures.

3D Printing

3D design and printing have made it easier for manufacturers to create customized and detailed components with greater precision and lesser time and cost. In fact, it is safe to say that 3D technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing individualized solutions to manufacturers.

3D printing is perfect for low volume and high-quality manufacturing that has allowed small innovators and inventors to tap into the global market.

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