You can reach out to Cav Tool for high-quality manufacturing. We produce all kinds of punches, including Head Type Punches, Pilot Punches, Ball-Lock, Blade Punches, Nose Larger Punches, and Classified Punches.

Our punches are manufactured with the highest grade steel according to industry standards. You can use our components in place of any reputable brand in the market.

Why Choose Us

We offer the following benefits to customers who place punch manufacturing orders:

  • 100% quality commitment
  • Superior quality punches that increase tool life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Accurate alignment

Contact us to learn more about our versatile punch catalog, which will help you save design time and money.

Custom Punches

Along with selecting punches from our catalog, you can also reach out to Cav Tool Inc. for custom punch manufacturing.

Custom punches offer increased power that you can use a variety of surfaces of varying thicknesses. Punches manufactured to your own specifications will also last longer. Thus, the initial investment in custom punch manufacturing will help you save money in the long run. The product will last longer and will help you save replacement costs.