We specialize in delivering high-quality Ball-Lock Retainers built to industry standards.

Ball-Lock Retainers

Ball-Lock technology helps you get a more accurate and precise punch-to-button alignment, especially for round punches. If you need shaped punches, you can always use the secondary dowel for accurate alignment.

Ball-Lock Retainers also reduce the hand fitting and cut mounting time. You can just screw our retainers directly to the die set with dimensional accuracy every time, without fail.

Ball technology also ensures perfect alignment for all punch shapes, even if you replace the retainer. Cav Tool retainers are highly adaptable, which will also help you reduce your inventory.

Shoulder Retainers

In today’s competitive market, stampers must rely on the highest quality tooling available. This is a must to achieve improved quality and less downtime.

Our Shoulder Retainers have proven to provide added features and superior quality. For customers who want shoulder punches, Cav Tool offers a new line of standard retainers. These provide your die builders an economical and efficient approach more building dies with shoulder punches.

Cut-Off Retainers

Cut-off dies chop off or separate flat workpieces smoothly from the continuous supply of metal. The material is cut by shearing into two parts without any resultant scrap.

The benefit of this approach is that it helps to increase the rate of material utilization to the highest possible extent.

At Cav Tool, we offer the best retainers for securing and aligning die components to both the upper and lower die shoes. Don’t let issues with your cutoff dies hamper the speed and accuracy of your roll forming lines.

Die Button Retainers

Our die button retainers exceed industry standards and are 100% interchangeable with competing brands. We have developed a wide range of retainers for various industrial processes using intensive research and design and manufacturing excellence.

These retainers offer benefits like better punch positioning and reduced damage to die shoes. We uphold best practices throughout the manufacturing and inspection processes and utilize the latest technologies and best manufacturing practices available.

Benefits of  Cav Tool’s Retainers

  • Achieve Greater precision
  • Reduce downtime
  • Ensure dimensional accuracy
  • Cut back on your inventory.

Why Choose Cav Tool

Reach out to Cav Tool Co. if you want retainers for all sorts of applications that involve buttons and dies. Our products are performance-proven and have been used by clients across different industries to their utmost satisfaction.