Reverse Engineering

Need Custom work? Just send a request! At Cav Tool Co., we also provide reverse engineering services. This is the process where design drawings are recreated by scanning the part or measuring it. Our advanced computer systems make it convenient for us to share information and blueprints with our customers. Reverse engineering is different from 3D scanning. Reverse engineering is commonly used to produce CAD models of perfect surfaces, i.e., perfectly round holes, flat faces, etc. Reverse engineering is used for several reasons, such as:

  • Replicating unique parts
  • Analyzing parts or components of other manufacturers
  • Make the part cheaper
  • To make machining drawings for a handmade prototype
  • Improving the product or making changes to it
  • Keeping the blueprint for future reference handmade molds & obsolete parts
  • Creating a blueprint for certification
  • Create the mold for a part
  • Create a nominal model for QA

Contact us today if you are interested in reverse engineering or want to get some custom work done.