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Smart Metal Stamping 101 – How To Cut Down Costs & Time With In-Die Assembly

Stamping of sheet metal parts is a prevalent technology today, by which products are produced for almost all industries. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to obtain small and dimensional parts of even complex geometric shapes from a flat metal sheet.

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Speaking of stamping parts made of sheet metal, they mean a technological operation, which is when precisely designed dies and significant pressure is exerted on the workpiece. Under the influence of such pressure, the workpiece is deformed, helping it acquire the required configuration and dimensions.

You might find metal stamping an easy process to design your products, but it can be time-consuming and costly if you don’t make the right decisions at the right moment.

If you are looking for tips to reduce your metal stamping process’s time and cost, here’s what you need to do.

Using the Right Raw Material

The selection of raw material plays a vital role in efficiently completing the metal process. Even small changes or variations in raw material can make a big difference when calculating your time and cost.

For instance, if the material is hard, it will take some time for it to melt, demanding more effort and time, and money to process it. Here, switching to a softer but quality material won’t compromise your product’s quality but may reduce time and production cost.

Using the Right Equipment

When using die in manufacturing, you need to be particular about which manufacturing tool you’re going to produce your products. If you are looking for a fast machine with fewer chances of delays, you can go for four-sliding machining processes to help you get faster results.

It can produce 25 to 30 parts per minute, depending on the complexity of the product required. However, it has fewer designs and fewer post-production steps that prevent you from delays and save on manufacturing cost.

Considering The Downstream Costs

Keeping a check of downstream costs while production is essential in evaluating part quality. Because if you think saving a few dollars on every product is going to save you money, then you might be wrong. In reality, it can actually cost you a considerable amount since the quality produced may not be up to mark, causing you to perform the production again.

If not this, then there can be an increase in the warranty replacement rate or higher cost parts in the rest of your assembly.

All in all, a good in-die assembly manufacturer can also help you reduce cost and time despite the complexity.

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