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The Importance Of Respecting Tolerances In Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, we are all familiar with the ‘measure twice and cut once’ saying. And also, another saying, ‘it is easier said than done’. Because there are so many moving parts in this line of work, it can be hard to measure, let alone get accurate measurements. This is why we at Cav Tool, serving Atlanta, GA, will be discussing the importance of Tolerances in manufacturing in this blog post.

So, First Thing’s First – What Is Tolerance?

This is defined as the range of measurements or other physical traits. Products are enabled to function properly or look appealing.

Need an example? We got you.

A good example can be a product that has geometric features, including holes and patterns. Now, this product is not yet ready. The manufacturer would need to determine certain tolerance levels before working on the product.

Why are Tolerances Important?

Just about every product out there has some feature that requires control. This can be done through tolerance measurements. In this post, we have compiled six main reasons that delineate the importance of tolerance measurements.

Fit and Functionality of Parts is Improvement

In making parts compatible with most other components, you will need to define your tolerances. Products can become useless and incompatible, even if you end up making an error of even the smallest mismeasurement.

Makes the End Product Look Appealing

If you want your products to look aesthetically appealing, you need to get your tolerances right. For instance, you want a part to sit up erect with another, you would need to consider the dimensions and positions of both.

Tolerance Takes Cake of Small Errors

Sure, these tolerances naturally assume small amounts of errors. But these assumptions only cover the extent to which the product or part can remain functional still.

With Tolerances, You Are Looking at Cost-Effective Manufacturing

With tolerances comes precision. You get to pay only for the materials, tools, and labor involved in the product design. All other costs are spared.

Product Marketing is Sped Up

While working the tolerances up can take some time, it will be worth your while when you finally go to market your product. Because when you are mismeasuring, you are wasting time; this, of course, is not the case when considering tolerances.

Reduce Manufacturing Ambiguity and Complexity

Not specifying what you need could lead to a manufacturer’s pandemonium –don’t worry, we just made it up that term. But any manufacturer can relate. But with tolerances figured out, you can avoid any and all ambiguity and product recall.

You can be a better judge of all-things tolerances by asking yourself:

  • If there are any moving parts
  • If there are multiple parts
  • If any assembly is required
  • If there are any special materials required

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