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The Merits Of Statistical Process Control In Parts Fabrication!

Nowadays, automated quality assessment is crucial for manufacturers who want to keep their competitive edge in high-quality tolerance parts fabrication. SPC-based software provides valuable data that supports better decision-making across all levels of a manufacturing setup. At Cav Tool Co., our SPC features offer added benefits for manufacturers by producing visual data in control charts that reveal deviations in fabrication processes.

Statistical process control allows us to fabricate parts, new or legacy, without any peak in defects. Here are some more merits!

1. Real-time Rectification

SPC provides industry-standardized calculation and quality control during the manufacturing process. The data acquired during manufacturing in Product of Process measurements are recorded in real-time, then plotted via a graph with pre-adjusted control limits. This allows our operators to detect and control issues, variances, and defects in real-time before they get out of hand.

2. Ease Of Finding the Error Source

Faulty controllers and inaccurately adjusted equipment can cause quite a hassle, especially when you can’t determine the source of it. Through sensors and statistical control software, one can mitigate the likelihood of critical tolerance deviances or a fall outside of specifications. With a predetermined limit control set, any values reaching out from the given value are sure to be easily detected by our SPC software.

3. Streamlined Satisfaction

Our scientifically proven, data-driven tool for quality allows our operators to guarantee product consistency at the time of fabrication. In turn, this means more satisfied customers and an overall lower number of callbacks, returns, or refunds, thus, allowing for smooth production for parts. With an improved brand image and competitive advantages, you are sure to make your shareholders happy.

4. Putting the Quality Back in Control

While the debate for quality hasn’t necessarily been a new one but the ever-escalating quality demand from consumers has set a high bar for companies to attest their product to and turn to the tried and tested benefits of SPC. Through flexibility in the manufacturing process, this solution also provides consistency in the quality of your product.

5. A Route to Sustainability Practices

When breaching the topic of sustainability, a do-nothing approach can mean a prickly nuisance in the future. This is why early detection of defects in products dramatically minimizes the need for product rework and expenditure for fixes. This assists in formulating a systematic environment that helps cut down on waste while operating at its highest productivity levels. Incorporating these practices into your business units further increases your chances of generating profits.

Cav Tool Co. is the place where your designs are literally honed, milled, cast, lathed, and printed to perfection. We also conduct a fine-article inspection to supplement any possible SPC shortcomings though the software’s accuracy makes the visual examination a mere lean formality.

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