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Top Questions Our Experts Ask Before Manufacturing Custom Fixtures

At CAV Tool, we develop and engineer custom fixtures for our clients in Atlanta, GA. Equipped with some of the latest manufacturing technologies, we produce fixtures that give you the best results. We have a dedicated team of experienced machinists that hit the nail on the head by asking all the right questions.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of questions that our professionals ask to develop customtools that match your requirements. Your responses to these questions help us deliver top-quality results and maintain the credibility that CAV Tools has earned for itself.

What Material Will Be Used?

As CNC machinists delivering custom fixtures, we need to know which material you’d like us to use. Custom fixtures can involve a wide variety of materials; however, we work as a team with our client sand mutually decide the best material for a specific product to get precise results. We generally prefer working on easy-to-use and diverse materials like 6061 or 7075 Aluminum. The strength and durability of these two materials make them great for testing and very easy to manage.

The Part’s Shape and Size

To receive further clarity about the part, we ask you about its shape and size. Regardless of whether you’re looking for grinding or milling fixtures, listing down your shape and size requirements is extremely important.

The Tolerance Levels

Parts with correctly specified tolerances are an easy fit. Tolerance levels determine the permitted level of variance on a dimension and can be expressed in multiple ways. Although manufacturers apply their own set of standard tolerance levels, at CAV Tools, we don’t begin until we have access to all the defined features.

Not having the required tolerance levels pushes delivery time, reducing efficiency levels as our professionals don’t have access to an essential piece of the puzzle. You should not hesitate when setting tolerance levels; just because you suggested a more significant tolerance level, it does not mean that the part will be sloppy.

The Fixture’s Weight and Size

Having accurate details of the fixture’s weight and size helps us ensure that we match your expectations. Our professional machinists give special consideration to your fixture’s weight and size, delivering top-quality results that are consistent with your requirements.

What are the Dimensions?

Our professionals ensure that the fixtures are produced precisely according to the specified dimensions. This is why we ask for dimensional details at the start of the project and deliver the part once we measure and finalize the critical dimensions of your part.

CAV Tool is the premier fixture manufacturing company in Atlanta, GA. We use the latest CNC machining trends to develop fixtures that meet your requirements. Our professional onboarding requirements ensure that we exchange necessary information before initiating the project.

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