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What Is A Surface Grinder & How Does It Work?

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There is nothing better than a subtle, smooth finish over flat surfaces for us engineers. On the other hand, roughness around the edges and irregular surfaces are a nightmare for us all. So, when compromising quality is not an option, we are left with no other choice other than upping our game.

CAV Tools helps you get the precision and quality you are looking for by offering edge-cutting technology solutions you have never heard of before. Backed by a team of professionals, we use the latest technology to provide manufacturing solutions. One such technology is the surface grinder.

What Is A Surface Grinder?

A surface grinder is an abrasive machine that helps in producing smooth finishes on flat surfaces. In short, the machine does the hard yards and grinds down metal surfaces to make them flat and level.

The surface grinder comes with a grinding wheel, which spins at a colossal speed and chips away at the height differences on the surface. Alongside the grinding wheels is the rotary table. The table comes with a work bed that helps you in clamping down on the workpiece. If using the rotary table is not your style, you can always use an electromagnet to clamp down the piece.

How To Use The Surface Grinder?

The surface grinder might look like scary machinery on first look, but it is relatively simple to use. All you have to do is set the workpiece and adjust the height of the machine. When adjusting the height, ensure that the workpiece is just below the grinding wheel.

Now that you have placed the workpiece below the grinding wheel, it is time for the machine to weave its magic. As the wheel moves at the desired grinding speed, the table starts moving from left to right. This causes the work bed to rise considerably as the wheel delves into the material. Like the table, the work bed also moves in and out, allowing the machine to even the grinding surface.

The process of surface grinding machine also depends on the material of your workpiece. Materials made of cast iron and steel tend to grind quickly. On the other hand, materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic start corroding and become extremely hot under the grinder.

Most surface grinders today are programmed to grind at a specific depth. Once these grinders are set, they require little to no operator intervention.

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