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Which Five-Axis Machining Center Is Right For You?

The 5-axis machining industry is growing year by year, with the compound annual growth rate being over 6 percent. More people are starting to ask, “What does 5-axis machining mean?” The straightforward answer would be that it’s a machine able to move tools or parts on five axes at once.

There are a plethora of reasons as to why you should take advantage of five-axis machining technology. For starters, this piece of technology is applicable for carrying out some of the most intricately designed, complex work pieces at a surprisingly low cost.

And if that wasn’t compelling enough of a reason, the five-axis machining technology allows you access to all five sides of a multifaceted work piece, can be used for various applications, and, is a more viable option than a three-axis CNC machining center.

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However, the confusion lies in which five-axis machining center is the best buy for your business? Keep reading this blog post to find out which five-axis machine fits the bill!

3+2 Machining Centers

The most pocket-friendly option out there in the market has to be the 3+2 machine configuration. It’s simple, cost-effective, and has the most beautiful machining performance. And did we forget to mention it’s easier to set up and program? Yeah – that too!

Essentially how it works is, a three-axis machining center is placed along with a tilting rotary table to position the part accurately. Keep in mind that this is achieved only with an auxiliary two-axis table placed on top of the three-axis machining center.

To conclude, with this 3+2 machining option, extremely complicated parts can be efficiently cut when the workpiece is presented to the spindle.

Full Five-Axis Machining

Moving on to full five-access machining is perfect when you want to add full-forced contouring control to a similar machine configuration. The reason why some go with this option is because you can tilt the tool into the cut dynamically, or, let the tool vector go across the free-flowing or sloped surfaces. This is one reason why full five-axis machining is greatly used for cutting aerospace components and to create other curved parts and features.

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